?What are the available payment methods

The payment methods available on Rawiah include payment by    Visa / MASTERCARD/MADA or bank transfer. 

How to be a teacher ?

If you have a high scientific degree in Arabic, and you have great experience in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, and you have the skills of communication and distance education, you can join Rawiah team and work within their group of teachers and get more profits.

When do I receive my earnings as a teacher?

Rawiah transfers the earnings of teachers for their work on the platform to their balances on the platform after finishing each course for each student, and then the teacher transfers his balance on the site to his bank account or directly withdraw it using his account in the PayPal or Visa service at any time.
The profits reach his PayPal account after reviewing the withdrawal request and the review period lasts 48 hours from the date of creation of the withdrawal request, provided that the requirements for the payment of the teacher's amounts are completed as required by the site administration.  

What are the conditions for using the site for students?

Rawiah opens its doors to every thirst for learning Arabic for all without distinction between race, ethnicity, religion or color. However, it has set regulated conditions of work as follows:

* Users of the Rawiah platform are committed to respecting each other, in terms of their gender, color and faith... , And it is strictly forbidden to discuss about religions, doctrines or faiths.
Conditions for registration and membership of the platform

I have a strong accent. Can I teach Arabic to non-native speakers?

If you have a strong accent in Arabic, you have the skills of communication and education, and you want to get money for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, contact us to join Rawiah team.

Contact us through the following channels

9:00 - 5:00 Sunday to Monday