What's Rawiah؟

Rawiah. The world's first platform to teach the Arabic language remotely through live conversations. The differences in tongues and the differentiation of languages are among the universal norms above which God wanted to build this universe, and this difference in tongues and language differentiation should not be a barrier between the communication of nations and civilizations of ancient and different cultures to achieve the greatest benefits for all humanity without distinction between gender, race, tongue, religion or color.
Only by learning the languages of nations does the delicate communication and deep understanding of different cultures and civilizations be achieved. As language is the code of its state, and its learning for non-native speakers opens up wide horizons for creativity,  cruising around hidden mysteries that had been held captive by the language native speakers, openness to the cultures of nations, the achievement of a global rapprochement between different cultures and peoples, and unleashing of greater excellence and knowledge.
  Science have treasures that are known only to those who have a great journey in their seas and discover their secrets with the language lamp.
Learning a new language gives the person more self-confidence, broad understanding, open minds, and increased employment opportunities. And the language gives him the crown of excellence by breaking the geographical barriers between the countries of the world. In his eyes, the universe is transformed into an open book where he travels through pages written in secrets and mysteries, and by languages that make the human being richer with knowledge, and able to express all that is in his mind in Arabic (the language of “ض”).
Arabic language is the origin and source of languages. It is one of the oldest, most widespread and most common languages in the world. As the number of its speakers is approximately four hundred and sixty seven million (467 million people).
The Arabic language contains sixteen thousand root (16000 root) and twenty eight characters (28 characters), which makes it the richest languages in vocabulary and the diversity of expressions and phrases, and gives the speaker a great space of freedom to express everything in his mind with absolute ease, which makes it superior to other languages that are poor in their vocabulary, which are incapable of supplying their speakers with vocabulary and synonyms that express the meaning they want to convey, which makes communication weak and vague.
So, the Arabic language is the most capable of expression, as it is a great poetic repository including truth, metaphor, and euphemism, and it was transformed by the virtue of Islam from the language of poetry to the language of ideas, and it is the language of the people of Paradise, as Ibn Abbas said according to the Qur'an: "In a clear Arabic language".
The Arabic language is like a musical lute if you touch one of its chords, all the chords ring. The Prince of poets, Ahmed Shawky, says: 
"That who filled the languages with merits ** make the beauty and its secret in the Arabic"
Based on the transformation of the world's view towards personal inclusiveness and pluralism in the excellence of the individual in more than one skill, and learning more than one language and accompanying the technological development which is a lethal weapon in the current civilizational conflict, Rawiah inaugurated the first Arabic language learning platform for non-native speakers through live conversations, including a group of Arabic professors with the highest scientific degrees in specialization of teaching Arabic language, and who have considerable experience in the field of Arabic language teaching.
Through this platform, Rawiah seeks to overcome obstacles to the learner by setting flexible times, through which he chooses the appropriate study hours, to achieve the joy of learning at a minimal cost, not comparable to that imposed by other educational institutions on the ground, which did not have the features of Rawiah.

Why's Rawiah؟

Rawiah has distinguished by a number of features that have made it excel other websites, and educational institutions specializing in teaching Arabic, making Rawiah your first choice.
Some of these features are:
Quality: Rawiah offers the highest educational quality to its learners through an elite of teachers with the highest scientific degrees specialized in the teaching of the Arabic language, the methods of teaching it and their scientific degrees vary from master to PhD, and they have the ability to speak multiple languages, which achieves easy communication with learners other than Arabic speakers, raising the quality of education and the speed of information delivery, and more interaction based on proper understanding and accurate reach of the desired goals. The learner also receives a certified certificate from the Rawiah Academy for teaching the Arabic language, after having received sufficient classes under which he is eligible to speak Arabic fluently, and this is after receiving an assessment from his teacher confirming his level, and the quality of the service provided by Rawiah increases with a team of technical support at a high level of experience, preparedness and readiness..
Cost: Rawiah provides astronomical figures as the cost of learning Arabic compared to other educational platforms and institutions by placing a low cost for the study hour. Rawiah seeks to provide its service to achieve the highest quality and the lowest cost, and to achieve justice for all parties so that the learner is not burdened with additional costs, and the teacher's effort and precious time are not wasted with low return. .
Joy of learning: Rawiah devoted her efforts and energy to remove obstacles to the learner by setting flexible times for the learner to choose the appropriate learning times to learn whenever he wants and anywhere through live conversations and thereby achieve the joy of learning away from the futility of the routine and to raise a slogan of “learn whenever you want and the way you like” and to build a school in the home.

Native teachers

Acquiring a foreign language — any language — is a very complex process because it is linked to cognitive, cultural and psychological factors. Therefore, Rawiah cared very much about the learner, and its first step in translating that interest was to choose highly qualified teachers in the field of teaching Arabic language to non-native speakers, with high scientific degrees of the most prestigious international universities that are specialized in the Arabic language.
Teachers' degrees vary from master to PhD and above, they have considerable experience in distance learning, and they also have the ability to speak multiple languages, which achieves rapid communication between them and non-Arabic speaking learners, achieving accurate communication, deep understanding, rapid learning, accuracy of the explanation, and the arrival of the desired goals, and their methods of teaching include dialogue, comprehension exercises, vocabulary, phonetics, grammatical observation, comprehension by hearing and spoken words.

Flexible times according to your schedule

Rawiah seeks to achieve its best service to both the student and the teacher by setting schedules containing the number of flexible study hours that balance the time of the student and the learner, which achieves the advantage of distance learning.
It also seeks to bring comfort to both the student and the teacher and to facilitate the method of learning, where the student determines the appropriate learning times to receive knowledge, and to break the psychological barrier left by educational institutions that set boring study times, which weakened the student's desire for learning and the effort and energy of the teacher in giving.